Women’s backpack by Daniela Zelli isn’t called Artemisia just by chance. We must go back to the controversial 16th century to understand how revolutionary artist Artemisia Gentileschi was the only woman of her time (and times thereafter) to be remembered in art history books. Alongside classical and mythological themes represented in her paintings, we see the strength and determination of a female artist who wanted to express herself through art against a misogynous and trying societal backdrop, which was that of her time. Artemisia by Daniela Zelli shows the same determination, creating incredibly elegant leather backpacks, with attention to details, sophisticated choices of refined materials and with great personality.

Women’s leather backpack and mini-backpack: beauty on your shoulders

Both in the leather backpack and in the mini-backpack the imprint left by the shapes reveal a sparkling and fresh classical style. The brilliance of colours and of the interchangeability of components is embedded within the clean, canonical, pure shapes. So much so that this mini-backpack can even be worn at night, for an elegant and refined occasion. Backpack and mini-backpack: Artemisia I and Artemisia II. Not your average shoulder strap bag. Style and elegance reveal themselves through high-calibre stylistic features. Elegance and beauty are mirrored by its materials: in the trimmings, in the choice of colours, in the expressive will of the personal and unique style by Daniela Zelli.