Men’s leather bags by Daniela Zelli distinguish themselves through a refined and bright colour palette, and through outstanding convenience and portability. Businessmen can be elegant and original thanks to the detail of the interchangeable handles and shoulder straps on their leather bags. A collection of bags conceived for stylish men who neither relinquish aesthetics nor convenience, ideal to organise their work or leisure time, with leather accessories that express the purest elegance.

The exterior and interior details of men’s leather goods by Daniela Zelli are repeated as leitmotifs of a refined stylistic process and are created according to Italian craftsmanship quality of the highest standard. The Duffle bag, the Day bag and the laptop backpack have useful internal compartments for what men may need based on the red thread of sophisticated craftsmanship detailing, faithful to undisputed Italian quality.

The main aspect of Daniela Zelli’s style is the convenience and essential beauty of men’s bags.

Stitching of high level craftsmanship