Live and expressive colour is the main feature of the women’s spring-summer collection. Daniela Zelli looks for a fun, playful dimension, hinted at by the interchangeability of handles, shoulder straps and accessories in her colourful bags for women. Therefore, the chromatic character of the bags is what represents the overarching trait of this collection, which can be customised based on one’s preference. But there is more.

Women’s bags coloured in grain leather

To the touch, the wonderful consistency and delicacy of the best grain leather is a reflection of noble craftsmanship made in Italy. With no doubt you understand the care and passion for detail found within the most excellent quality and design.

A journey within a journey: the colours and smells of the south in Daniela Zelli’s colourful bags for women

The passion for journeys, the smell of flowers and of the sea are found in Daniela Zelli’s collection dedicated to colour, light and freedom to customise. Shapes are translated into a clever interplay between dynamism  and  geometry,  structural  precision  and  chromatic  opulence. Daniela Zelli has designed an exclusive selection of symbolic bags, which bring together tradition and innovation, fashion and design, becoming pure representation of a charismatic, modern and refined lifestyle.

Bicolour leather bags: express yourself!

Women’s bicolour bags are one of her characteristics, where the interchangeable components add an interesting dimension, amplifying their versatility. Matching them will be an irresistible game. The discovery and nurturing of oneself, of one’s taste and charisma is a prerogative of Daniela Zelli’s project, through all of her creations.

Interchangeable handles and shoulder straps so as to create your own style, every day

Bright colors that tell a story of the made in Italy’s  taste and beauty